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Custom Made Knives

Bubba Knives of Cleveland Georgia is synonymous with the highest quality and attention to detail knives that you will find anywhere. Our hand crafted custom made knives also make a great gift idea for many special occasions. Bubba Knives can turn just about any idea into a great knife and also stocks a wide range of pre-made knives for sale.

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Craftsman Experience

Our many years of experience means that your custom made knife will be of the highest possible quality knife around. We offer 'our lifetime' warranty so you can be sure your knife purchase is always safe.

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One Of A Kind Knives

When Bubba Knives makes a knife you can be certain its a 'one of a kind'. With great Ivory and crafted wood handles plus stunning Damascus blades, your knife will be even a work of art. No two knives are exactly the same.

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Stabilized Wood From Bubba Knives

dogwood stabilized woodWarren Glover of Bubba Knives began stabilizing his own wood early in 2013. "I felt that the prices that I was paying for wood and the wait time that was common to receive wood that I was having stabilized was unreasonable. My goal is to sell quality wood at a good price. That being said, I decided to charge only $12.00 per block which includes shipping. Cutting the blocks into scales is no extra charge."

The woods that we use are mostly that we find in North Georgia. They include Ambrosia Maple, Box Elder, Persimmon, Crabapple, Sycamore, Cherry,Holly, Dogwood, American Hornbeam, Peach and others that may come available. We also have some Hackberry that comes from Tennessee.

Our Stabilized woods can be supplied natural or in a wide variety of colors. Also I do have some none stabilized woods for sale that include Desert Ironwood, Cocobola, and Bocote. These woods do not lend themselves to stabilization.

Much of our wood is used for knife scales, but can also be used for turning blocks for custom pens, duck calls, wine bottle stoppers and many other craft projects. We will be glad to cut the correct size for your needs and price them accordingly.

We would appreciate the opportunity to supply your stabilized wood needs. Check out my website; www.bubbaknives.net or please feel free to contact me at:

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Stabilized Wood Our New Product

stabilzed woodWelcome to Bubba Knives new venture into Stabilized and Dyed Wood. Most of my woods are gathered here in the mountains of North Georgia.

I personally cut and stabilize all the woods that I use. Colors are random and I run very small batches.

There is no effort or intent to replicate or match colors. What you see is what you get. The standard size is 2"x5"x1" (+ or -). Your wood can also be cut into scales at no extra charge.

Price is $12.00 per block, shipping included.

Check our online store for Stabilized Wood for sale.

Welcome To Bubba Knives

Welcome to the new website for Bubba Knives of Cleveland Georgia. Please browse around and make yourself at home. We consider the knives you see here just the starting point for your next custom knife. Remember a quality custom knife makes a wonderful gift for that outdoor enthusiastic as well as a great tool for many uses.

Please like us on facebook where we weill keep you up to date with latest knife releases and specials. Thanks to Wayne at Georgia Down Under Website Design

Warren 'Bubba' Glover

Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

Choosing fixed blade hunting knives can be a challenge. They however very popular these days.

What you want to look for is to make sure the blade goes all the way into the handle. This is sometimes called the tang and when it goes the full length of the handle it is called a full tang.

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Choosing Quality Hunting Knives

Choosing quality hunting knives can be difficult if you don't know what you are looking for. There are so many different types of hunting knives that we need to know the pros and cons of each type and what to look for and test.

The first type of knife we are going to talk about is the folding blade style of knife. The main thing you are going to look at is the hinge mechanism and the locking mechanism. The hinge is were most of the stress is going to and you need to be able to put plenty of weight on it before you buy it to make sure it is going to withstand the riggers of the outdoors and the heavy use it will be under.

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